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Short modular training on International Management System Standards, Problem Solving Techniques and Leadership Skill Development is offered at your company for the staff or select cities for working professionals and students.

Certified Trainers

The trainers are certified by the Trainer Approval bodies for the type of training imparted. In few cases the trainers are experienced on the subject and the programmes are developed and offered for improving your skill and efficiency in your area of work.


BRiQ offers training programmes in ISO, AS and IATF standards and Core Tools to function as Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor certified by Globally accepted Plexus International, Exemplar Global and AIAG. These trainings would provide better appreciation of the compliance standards for pan-enterprise improvements through implementation of best in class Management Systems


Our skills

We conduct training in emerging Quality Management System (QMS) Solutions, provide consultancy services for implementing international standards/methodologies and undertake compliance audit of organisations.

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Our Course Workflow

Choose a Service
Go through our website or discuss with our team.
Request for a quote
You may register for the scheduled training for your selected subject, place and date. For all other services ask for a quote or request for a meeting.
Receive customized plan
A list of customized activities for your specific need or task.
Let’s Make it Happen
The process of combining ideas into object thought.

Our Objectives

  • To reduce the variation in training content by developing one Internationally recognized and approved course
  • To reduce variability in auditor training on how to audit the supply base using a process approach
  • To keep all of us focused on performance and results, not just compliance
  • To keep a "direct line of sight" from the supplier to the OEM to the end-user
  • To promote and implement effective and dynamic Process Management throughout the industry by an Auditor Team that sets the Tone and expectations of the industry

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